LPD Alumni in the World: Andreas Petrossiants

Andreas Petrossiants graduated from NYU in 2016, earning his B.A. in Global Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Art and Literatures. He studied in Florence for a year and a half. He earned an M.A. in Art History with a focus on Global Conceptualism at the Courtauld Institute of Art. His master´s thesis is titled “Working Without a Break: The Echoes of Changing Labour Structures in Critical Art, 1960-2017”.

Andreas moderated our Dialogue Contemporary Art in Florence in Spring 2016 and was the first speaker in our new LPD Alumni in the World series this fall, giving a talk entitled: “Can You Still Be Critical While Being Complicit? The Uses and Limits of Social Art History”. 

NYU Florence student Feiran Lyu conducted an interview with Andreas following this fall’s dialogue.

Read Feiran’s profile on the LPD Website here