Water as a metaphor of movement, flow, and the possibility of action and reaction.

The Albanian artist Adrian Paci’s exhibition Di queste luci si servirà la notte is being shown at Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea from November 11, 2017 to February 11, 2018. NYU Florence students are invited for a special tour and conversation with artistic director Valentina Gensini and contributing artist Gianni Barelli on Tuesday February 6 at 7pm.

The central theme of the project is migration, identity and movement. Through the telling of personal stories related to the recent history of immigration in Italy, Paci transcends personal experience and reveals migration and mobility to be an ontological condition, all the more pertinent in a society in which the concepts of ‘home’ and ‘identity’ (cultural, political and social), are continually questioned. Existence is interpreted to be a continuous quest, permanently moving, and water is a metaphor for this idea of flowing and circulating.

“Di queste luci si servirà la notte”, Paci explains, “was born as a performance on the Arno river, but then the work shifted towards a reflection on dialogue and the tension between light and dark, surface and depth, the visible and the invisible…”

Paci realized a video-installation of his performance on the Arno, that forms a central part of the exhibition, next to a large skeleton of a boat.

Adriano Paci is one of the most important international contemporary artists. Through his work (painting, installations, video and photography) he examines a human condition that is always in transit and the complexity of social, political and cultural dynamics today.

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