About Us

La Pietra Dialogues seeks to confront some of the most intractable issues of contemporary society through the creative interplay of ideas and perspectives. From Villa La Pietra in NYU Florence, we would like to introduce “Mapping Contemporary Florence,” a project centered around discovering contemporary art in the historic birthplace of the Renaissance.

Tourists from around the world travel to Florence every year to see the fruits of the Renaissance in its art and architecture. Its contemporary art scene is another story. Since the 2012 demise of the art museum “Ex3 Toscana Contemporanea” the City of Florence provides partial funding to only one contemporary art institution, Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina, who has received further budget cuts and was forced to cancel an exhibition in 2014. Recently, several private galleries have sprung up in the historic center and outskirts of the city, but in proportion to the 1.875 million visitors who viewed the Renaissance works of the Uffizi Museum last year, public visibility is scarce for contemporary art.

The goal of LPD’s project “Mapping Contemporary Florence” is to find contemporary art in Florence and provide a resource for others to expand their cultural experience in the city beyond the Renaissance. As our blog expands, we invite our followers to join us as we navigate this scene and reflect on what the ‘contemporary’ art means in a city where the past has left such a strong imprint. “Mapping Contemporary Florence” not only wishes to illustrate our own discoveries, but welcomes anyone who is creating, exhibiting, or spotting contemporary art in Florence and would like to contribute to our project.

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