Photo Gallery

An Unfortunate Stroll Through the Mind of Mr. Toledano
October 4, 2016 @ Villa Sassetti


Responding to Ai Weiwei: What Sense of the World, Global or Transnational, Are You Developing? Art Workshop
September 29, 2016 @ downtown Florence
With Pato Hebert, Hentyle Yapp.


Ai Weiwei. Libero: In Conversation with the Curator
Lecture and private tour of exhibition.
September 28, 2016 @ Cine Hall Odeon & Palazzo Strozzi
Speakers: Arturo Galansino, Pato Hebert, Hentyle Yapp. 


Tea with Poets: In Dialogue with Melinda Smith and Nathan Shepherdson
September 22, 2016 @ Villa Sassetti 


Contemporary Art Gallery Crawl
September 8, 2016 @ downtown Florence.


A Dialogue on Art in the Public Space in Florence
September 7, 2016 @ Villa Sassetti
Speakers: Justin Randolph Thompson, Fabrizio Ajello, Christian Costa.