Paolo Grassino Solo Show, Pedro Matos & Konrad Wyrebek Exhibitions
Ends October 13, 2018
Eduardo Secci Contemporary | Main Room & Project Room

Paolo Grassino’s solo exhibition, curated by Lorand Hegyi, features three sculptures representing respectively insects, humans and animals, which are all linked by the cruelty of existence as a leitmotif. In the Project Room the gallery hosts an exhibition by Pedro Matos & Konrad Wyrebek, curated by Daniele Capra.

Hinter Glas| Behind the Glas
September 21, 2018,7:30 PM
Villa Romana

At Villa Romana, a Germany’s artists house founded in 1905, artist Federico Cavallini together with photographer Davood Madadpoor will present his Behind the Glasses series. Federico Cavallini’s  series for the villa’s glass exhibition pavilion
is a monument to all that’s thrown away; it can be walked around on the outside and entered from the inside. The aim is to illustrate what a work of art looks like if it retains what’s been discarded in the production process.

Marina Abramovic, The Cleaner
September 21, 2018 to January 20, 2019
Palazzo Strozzi

The event brings together more than a hundred works by Marina Abramović, one of the most famous and controversial figures in contemporary art, whose works have revolutionized the idea of performance, testing her body and expressive potential to the limit. The works include videos, photographs, paintings, objects, installations, and live recreations of her most famous performance

Florence Queer Film Festival
October 2-7, 2018, 7:30 PM
More locations in Florence

The Florence Queer Film Festival is the main festival focused on the QUEER culture in Tuscany. Since its first edition in 2003, it tells about the QUEER identity through screenings, theatre, photography, literature and more.

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