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Voices on Florence’s Contemporary Art

We talked to three people involved in contemporary art in the city, and asked them to share their views on Florence and it’s contemporary art scene. Here is what they had to say:

Arabella Natalini, Art Direction and Curator of Tusciaelecta

“Credo che nonostante ci sia una maggiore attenzione all’arte antica, l’arte contemporanea trovi a Firenze un largo pubblico capace di comprenderla.”

English Translation: I believe that despite there being more focus on historical art, contemporary art in Florence is understood by a large audience.

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Representations of body reimagined in student exhibit

By Nicole Brown

I found myself surrounded by art I didn’t quite understand on the first floor of La Specola, a part of Florence’s Museum of Natural History on Tuesday night.

The works in the dimly-lit room were the final projects of eight students at the Studio Art Centers International who took the course Body Archives. The students had studied representations of the body in the past — some that are found in the Museum of Natural History — and present in preparation for their projects.