Finding the Middle East in Florence

At the beginning of our Spring semester, artist Nasser Alzayani invited NYU Florence students to join him for “Urban Sketching Florence” and took them sketching through the city. While in Florence, Alzayani has been drawing what he has seen of the Middle East in the Renaissance city, “Finding the Middle East in Florence.”

Finding Middle East Florence_Nasser Alzayani_MENow_Sketchbook_024 Finding Middle East Florence_Nasser Alzayani_MENow_Sketchbook_035 Finding Middle East Florence_Nasser Alzayani_Sketchbook_029 MENow_Sketchbook_015

This month, his work will be showcased as part of the Middle East Now Festival at ETRA’s Galleria Studio Tommasi. The gallery opening is on Saturday, April 11 at 6 pm. For more information check out the profile of the event on the Middle East Now website. Also, NYU Florence students also have the unique opportunity to volunteer at the gallery opening. If you are interested, please contact La Pietra Dialogues,

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