Looking for Something Different to do Tonight, April 9?

Join the young Italian artists of Florence at Le Murate for the opening of the art exhibit Long Distance tonight from 6-8! This exhibit features work from eight different American artists who have all recently received their master’s degrees in Studio Art with an emphasis in European contemporary art. Dabbling in several mediums,these artists have created works that focus on themes of geographical distance, yearning, literal and metaphorical paths of life, as well as the literal separation of loved ones. Le Murate is the center of contemporary culture in Florence, and this is the perfect event to acquaint yourself with the tasty food, the innovative art, the wonderfully eccentric people, and the invigorating live music found in this artistic haven.

you’re enjoying the events of the opening (and of course, the fact that you can tell your family members: “Oh sorry I missed your call, I was at an art opening in Italy, what did you need?”), you can check out their newest international exhibit: New Media Art From Korea. Organized as a promotional tool for the Florence Korea Film Festival, this exhibit features works that Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art categorizes as “Web Art” and “interactive media”. The featured art pieces focus on the relationship between ever-evolving technology, society, and humanity.

For more info on Long Distance, visit http://www.lemuratepac.it/long-distance/

For more info on New Media Art From Korea, visit http://www.lemuratepac.it/new-media-art-from-korea/


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