Dali Meets Dante at Palazzo Medici Riccardo

Salvador Dalì represents the three stages of Dante’s journey into the afterlife – hell, purgatory, and paradise – in a series of 100 surrealist watercolor paintings inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. The work was commissioned by the Italian government in the 1950s on the 700th anniversary of Dante’s birth.

The writings of Dante come alive in 2015 through the vision of Dali, who enriches the divine comedy with new representations such as, for example, melting figures and clocks that unhinge his figures from the classicism of form and become a mirror of a society in perpetual transformation.

The exhibition takes place at Palazzo Medici Riccardi in via Cavour from July 1 through September 27, 2015. More information is available on the Portale Giovani Firenze website


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