This weekend the city will be dedicated to sound, as the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, the Marino Marini Museum, the INAF Astrophysics Observatory (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri), Associazione Astronomica Amici di Arcetri and the English Cemetery (Cimitero degli Inglesi) will be hosting installations and performances by various artists celebrating sound. SONIC SOMATIC is “a three-day festival that aims to explore sounds’ world moving between contemporary music production and visual arts through the specific perspective of the body.” (SONIC SOMATIC)

On October 8, Alessandria di Nardo will be performing Erik Satie’s Vexations, a challenging performance – starting at 11AM and finishing at 11PM – in the Palazzo Strozzi courtyard.

© Giacomo Raffaelli per Sonic Somatic
© Giacomo Raffaelli per Sonic Somatic

On October 9, The Arcetri Astrophysics Observatory will be hosting Helicotrema, a Recorded Audio Festival and Blind Injections, an installation by Giacomo Rafaelli.

On October 10, Helicotrema Festival will continue at 11.30AM in the English Cemetery. The three day celebration will finish with an audio performance by Thomas Köner: Expanding Luminance at 9.30PM in Museum Marino Marini.

Helicotrema © Daniele Zoico
Helicotrema © Daniele Zoico

Limited spaces available, so some events require RSVP at More information at (English & Italian) and (Italian).

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