“Florence Has a Music Scene !”

By Ismail Ibrahim, NYU Florence student

Florence has a music scene. This was quite shocking when it was revealed to me.

I had no idea that a city so soaked in its renaissance-past could experience contemporary culture outside of an event here and a gallery exhibit there.

It turns out that Florence is full of Indie record labels hosting showcases and concerts almost every weekend. Most of what is on offer leans towards the electronic side, however, that is not always the case. There are several labels that boast Hip-hop, math rock, and acoustic releases in their catalogue.

This video gives a pretty comprehensive overview of Florence’s record labels which have been active in the music scene. Since many of the record labels are small they are quite receptive to fan communications, and still very visible in the city of Florence.

In terms of live music events, check out the events pages for various venues such as FLOG,  Jazz Club Firenze, and La Cità. Furthermore, organizers such as Disco_nnect will post upcoming events to their Facebook.

Enjoy the music!


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