Photographer Phil Toledano in Florence

Award-winning photographer Phil Toledano visited NYU Florence on October 4th to talk about his work and what it means to be an artist today. Check out his Dialogue, “An Unfortunate Stroll Through the Mind of Mr. Toledano,” below.


NYU Florence students Kira Boden-Gologorsky and Batel Mann conducted an interview with Toledano:

Check out this article about their experience:

“Toledano has managed to demystify tragedy and embrace the anxieties of living. His work ushers in a collective sigh of ‘Whew! I thought only I thought like that.’  In person, his humor and humility shine through brighter than in his greatest works. He stresses his mundanity and claims that this is what makes his art relatable. He is man brimming with wit, with ability to deflect and normalize his conditions to appeal to an audience and make comfortable those who feel alienated by his success.”