Mapping Contemporary Florence Project Launch!

What is unique about contemporary culture in Florence, a city strongly marked by the artistic achievements of the past?

How do contemporary artists interact with Florence’s artistic heritage and produce cutting edge new work?

How does the city government preserve the city’s past while, at the same time, supporting innovation?

How is Italian society and identity changing under the impact of globalization and migration? And how is that reflected in contemporary cultural production?

Help Map Contemporary Florence this semester: join us for a series of talks and gallery visits and contribute to the Mapping Contemporary Florence blog:

The Mapping Contemporary Florence project invites NYU Florence students to peel back the layers of the city, to locate and explore contemporary culture in Florence, and to investigate the larger question: ‘What does ‘the contemporary’ mean in the 21st century in a city where there is such a strong and long-standing dialogue between the past and present?

This weekend: 

Visit the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center with the OSL – Sign up at Friday’s Info Fair

 Attend the opening of Italian artist Giuseppe Chiari’s exhibition All Music is the Same and music, films, performances, and Open (artist) Studios at Villa Romana from 5pm through midnight. Full program here. Villa Romana, via Senese 68, 50124 Florence. Free entrance, no reservation necessary.

 Next Week:

How to Think About the Contemporary in Florence, September 6, 6:00pm Villa La Pietra, with Tommaso Sacchi, head of the Culture Office, The City of Florence

 Visit Castello di Ama with the OSL, September 8

Visit the Ytalia Exhibition with the OSL, September 9

Coming Up: 

Contemporary Art Gallery Crawl, September 14, 6:00 pm, in downtown Florence, Visit some of the most interesting contemporary art spaces in downtown Florence.


Visit the Mapping Contemporary Florence blog to find out about contemporary cultural events in the city and to learn about NYU Florence students’ explorations of the contemporary cultural life of Florence.

Contribute to the conversation!  LPD accepts student submissions to the Mapping Contemporary Florence blog on a rolling basis. Send essays, articles, exhibition/concert/film reviews, photography work, videos, and anything else to

 Want to be part of the editorial team? La Pietra Dialogues is looking for NYU Florence students to help run the Mapping Contemporary Florence website, write to if you are interested.

Photo credit: Museo Marino Marini, Firenze

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